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About us

DNA EUROPE is an entity whose mission is educational and professional development of young people within the European Union, provided counseling and vocational guidance.

It Is an entity responsible for managing the whole process of training since its orientation to the organization in professional terms, hospitality and meals for trainees.

Allows trainees develop and acquire new skills through the application of knowledge acquired during their training, and to facilitate their personal development, employability and participation in the European labor market.

DNA Europe  provide opportunities for European Vocational Education and Training (VET) organisations, staff and learners to work together with European europelogo-splashpagepartners in order to improve their vocational training skills and employability, through the promotion of European Mobility Projects.

We want to give the european students the skills and confidence to explore and develop their own talent, and give them the oportunity to desire life long learning and helping them to aspire a better future…


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DNA Europe provides technical support for transnational mobility projects on vocational training, especially conceived for young people, namely students and young workers.

Our staff is highly qualified, all collaborators possess a university degree obtained from a European institution. The board members have several years of professional experience in the field of international and European education projects.

Its professionals also possess a good level of several EU languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and German.

It operates in a decentralized manner in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, capital of Portugal. Nevertheless, this institution works with several other organisations around the country.

It advises national and European entities on international projects, ensuring the monitoring / evaluation of technical and management programmes on vocational training promoted by the European Union.

DNA Europe integrates a European cooperation network, possessing extraordinary connections to several international partners in the fields of education and training.

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The INCOMING department is responsible for:
– The placement of young people in firms or other entities that operate in their field of studies;
– Tracking, monitoring and evaluation of the project during the probationary period;
– Providing  cultural and linguistic preparation for the integration of foreign trainees in Portugal.

The OUTGOING department is responsible for:
– Studying the feasibility of the project and the eligibility conditions of the promoters;
– Selecting the institution to which the project will be submitted according to its nature and overall objectives;
– Identifying partners and formalising  transnational partnerships;
– The preparation of the training plan (objectives, methods, expected results) and its budget;
– Implementing the project.
– Drafting the financial and final reports.

The European Commission’s programmes are important assets  for thecurriculum vitae of young people and foster the exchange of experiences and cultures, promoting such important values as tolerance and unity among people.